Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions

Obtaining your photos to look excellent on every little thing from Facebook to Pinterest is difficult without a guide. So we decided to make one - Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions.

We have actually checked out the various sizes and measurements you require to recognize to make your social accounts look terrific, and also do what they're supposed to.

All of the sizes in the titles are recommended sizes. Frequently you can make use of bigger dimensions, however stay with the aspect proportions to ensure images present appropriately.

Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions<br/>

Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions

Facebook is the world's biggest social media system. That's a great deal of eyes that may be seeing your web content. So the possibility is huge right here, particularly with formula modifications that favor engagement and sharing.

There's a variety of different photo kinds on Facebook from ones in your feed to profile web pages. We have actually detailed them below:

Facebook profile photo dimension: 180 x 180 px

Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions<br/>

Most likely one of the most viewed picture you'll publish on the system, your profile picture will function as your avatar across the website.

Usually the first thing individuals will certainly see when they stumble upon you, it will appear alongside all of your articles, your remarks, and virtually every one of your Facebook task.


- Demands a minimum width of 180px.
- Can have a height listed below 180px, but the image will not be clear.
- Has a 1:1 facet proportion.

Facebook Organisation Page profile Photo (180 x 180 px)

Facebook Profile Pic Dimensions<br/>

Facebook made use of to have different guidelines for business page's profile images, but not any longer. Now the measurements are precisely the same as the individual profile photo.

We just intended to include this area in case you came seeking it.


- Demands a minimal size of 180px.
- Can have an elevation below 180px, yet the image will certainly not be clear.
- Has a 1:1 aspect proportion.