How to Caption Instagram

Hi, this time I will give interesting tips about social media. There are various kinds of social media, there are definitely Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and others. What I'm going to discuss is Instagram. Instagram is the most popular among teenagers. Of course I will take the theme of how to make a caption on Instagram so that your engagement increases.

How to Caption Instagram

How to Caption Instagram

1. Create a Short but Meaningful Caption

Now, the first thing that will be explained is for a short but meaningful caption. I do not require you to make a long caption. But a shorter caption that is more meaningful will provide more benefits and make a caption that touches their hearts. They will feel represented by the caption. This will invite lots of comments and likes on your Instagram.

2. End with a Question Mark

Second, end with a question sentence. To provoke comments, you have to make 2 different products. Do you prefer the right or left? And explain the reason. That will invite lots of likes and comments.

3. Use a hashtag

The third give a hashtag. After writing a clear caption, give a hashtag because it will invite people to like and comment. There are not too many hashtags on Instagram because they are already limited by Instagram.
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4. Use Emojis

The fourth is to use emojis. Emoji is one of the sufficient means to make a caption. Why? You look cute, funny, and feel how you feel friendly on Instagram. That will invite more likes and comments on your Instagram feed.

5. Pay Attention to the Wrong Type

The fifth is to be careful with typos. After making a caption, read it again to minimize the typos. Of course you do not want that to happen. So, carefully make a caption before posting because it will be seen by many people.

6. Adjust Caption with Photo / Video

Sixth, adjust the caption for photos or videos. Caption is a supporter of photos or videos uploaded on Instagram. So, making a caption should not be opposite. Customize the atmosphere and the message you want to convey.

That is all and thank you. Hopefully this article is useful for you.