How to Delete Instagram Account

There are a variety of reasons why someone decides to delete their Instagram account, such as security. Then how to remove it?

Instagram is one of the most widely loved social media by the community. Cause, Instagram gives someone the opportunity to upload photos and videos with nice filters.

However, there are times when someone feels bored and wants to delete their Instagram account. It's just that, to keep in mind after deleting an Instagram account, someone can't re-register with the same username and can't reactivate a deleted account.

How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account

Based on data from the Instagram Help Center, here's how to easily delete an Instagram account:

1. Login through Instagram Website

Log in your Instagram account through the website, then select "Terms" to go to the Help center. In the Help center select  "Managing your account ".

2. Select Delete your account

In that option select "Delete your account ". After that, the account owner will be redirected to the "deleted your account " option.

On that page, the account owner is asked to choose why to remove the account and to enter a password to confirm the decision.
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3. Delete Permanent Account

Lastly, select "Permanently delete my Account" then the account will disappear forever.

Meanwhile, the conditions for deleting an Instagram account can only be done by the account owner. Instagram does not have the authority to delete users automatically.

In addition, if the user just wants to take a break from Instagram, there is also another feature that disables the account. As a result, users don't have to delete their Instagram account.

Good luck!