How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Printscreen or taking screenshoot is a way that you often do when you want to capture a display on the screen. There are many methods that you can use to take screenshoot, ranging from simple way (without software) to using 3rd party software.

Here this time I will give you 4 ways to take screenshoot on Windows 10 (which may also work on Windows before).

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

Using the PrintScreen button

The first and easiest way you can do is to use the Printscreen button ' PrtSc ' or ' Fn + PrtSc ' on the keyboard key.

That way, the image will be copied to the Clipboard, pasting it into an image editor application for example using Microsoft paint.

Using Snipping Tools

The second way you can do this is to use the default Windows software Snipping Tools. With these tools you have some such screenshoot retrieval methods.
  1. Take it according to the desired shape (Free-from Snip).
  2. Take it with a square shape (Rectangular Snip).
  3. Pick it up based on the selected Window (Window Snip).
  4. Take it with a full screen size (Full-Screen Snip).
And in Windows 10, Snipping Tools has added a ' Delay ' feature with a function to give a certain time lag in screenshoot retrieval.

Using Microsoft Snip

Most of you may not know about ' Microsoft Snip '. The Project issued Microsoft Garage last year November has features for instant image capture and also provides editing features such as a regular image editor.

If interested you can download it here. Install as usual then after installing it will appear Snip panel at the top of the monitor screen. There are Capture, Whiteboard, and Camera options. Because in this case we want to take the screen screenshoot, then select Capture.

Then just like using Snipping tools, drag cusor to take any part you want to capture.

After that, the image will automatically go to Whiteboard to do image editing if needed, otherwise you can save it directly.
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Using Picpick.

One more of my flagship software in taking pictures ie Picpick!. Because with this software, you can do image editing from basic to advanced.

To capture the image, open Picpick and then after open use the Printscreen button ' PrtSc '. That way the image will automatically go into the Picpick Editor window.

Using the Game Bar

In this Windows 10, Microsoft has also added one of its cool features, the Game Bar which is another option for the screenshoot or to be able to play a screen. To activate it use the Win + G key combination.

And to take a picture you simply click on the ' Screenshoot ' option or use the ' Win + Alt + PrtSc ' key combination. That way the image will be automatically saved, which by default is located at ' C:\Users\User\Videos\Captures '.

Well, that's 5 ways you can do screenshoot in Windows 10. Actually, there are more ways/software that you can use than the above, but 5 ways above is what I often make the option to shoot the screen. Try one of the above and which one do you think is the best? ;)